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Alltel and Western Wireless MERGER

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First, some info for each company:

Western Wireless Corporation (NASDAQ:WWCA) is a leading provider of communications services in the Western United States. The company owns and operates wireless phone systems marketed primarily under the Cellular One

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Well, when I first heard merger, I got a little scared.  I was afraid that meant the possibility of Alltel moving away, but that seems very unlikely now.

I'm guessing that the WW crew will have to move over to Little Rock...or they will get to stay in Bellavue.  This deal will expand Alltel's reach quite a bit.  It is currently ranked the 5th largest wireless provider, but it is the fastest growing provider (I'm pretty sure).

Any thoughts?


There's no need to worry. Basically, Alltel just purchased Western Wireless for $4.4 billion, making them the fifth-largest wireless company in the nation. Alltel was previously the seventh-largest. I don't know how many jobs, if any, plan to be transferred.

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Well, well, it's Arkansasawyer. Where have you been? But yes I don't think anyone in Little Rock has anything to worry about yet. There's been a lot of merging in that market so a lot of people kept speculating that eventually someone would try to buy out Alltel. But it looks to me that Alltel keeps buying out just enough to keep themselves large enough to keep down that possibility.

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