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seattle trip suggestions

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I'm planning a trip to Seattle for Labor Day. I'll be leaving on Saturday and returning on Wednesday.

The plan now has me spending Sat-Tue in Seattle and Tue-Wed in Bellingham.

I know that I would like to go down to Tacoma one day because a friend of mine had said it was nice.

Monday is also reserved for the Bumbershoot Festival going on there when one of my favorite bands (Ted Leo) is playing.

I haven't been to Seattle since like '93, so does anyone have any suggestions on things to do? I will have no car but will be staying Downtown, so please keep that in mind.

Also, I found a cheap hotel Downtown but would be interested in hearing any other suggestions. I'm looking for definitely under $100, but would prefer around $70. I'd be open to suggestions for other areas of town, but they would have to be convenient to public transit, preferrably rail.

Thanks in advance.

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