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Nashville: 4th and Broadway

it's just dave

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After being vacant since 2002, the old Seanachie location at 4th and Broadway finally has new owners. Apparently, at $60 per average guest check, this won't be cheap, but it sounds pretty good to me. Jazz seems to be making a huge splash around here lately. I like that.

This building has had many incarnations over the years, from game room, to the defunct, but loads o' fun Cowboys La Cage drag show, to the really nice Irish Pub. It'll be nice to see the lights on again.



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That looks like it will be a nice restaurant and should fit in quite nicely.

On a side note, go to the website, and look at the opening screen. It shows a picture of one of there restaurants and gives a description, and it's all very formal. Then look up and the banner going across the top, and, I mean, what the crap! That doesn't fit, now, does it? Go and check it out. It's weird.

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It's addictive for me just listening to you guys. I've got nothin to do during the day, so I log on about 5 to 7 times a day, hoping someones made an interesting post.

By the way, how tall is the parking garage on the Viridian supposed to be? It's up to around seven stories now, and there's no sign of stopping. Is it going to ne 8 or 10 or maybe even more?

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