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Cincinnati: Ivorydale and Industrial St. Bernard


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Please check out my newest photo tour of Ivorydale and the industrial areas of the city of St. Bernard:

CINCINNATI TOURS: Ivorydale and Industrial St. Bernard

Ivorydale was built by P&G in 1886 as the headquarters of its manufacturing concerns. Today, most of the buildings have been sold off but are still in use.

St. Bernard is an independent city along I-75 a few miles north of downtown Cincinnati, along the Mill Creek. While the residential and commercial areas lie east of the interstate, the portion west of I-75 along Spring Grove Ave. and Vine St. are heavily industrial and criss-crossed with a network of railroad tracks.

The above link features maps, aerials, and over 90 photos from the tour, along with descriptions-as well as separate pages featuring the history and the demographics of the area. There is also the capability to jump around to various areas within the page.

I have also added a guestbook. Please sign it-it

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Thanks, somestyle.

Ivorydale itself is pretty cool looking--P&G did it right as far as the quality of their buildings. Today it seems that companies don't even try to make a manufacturing center that is pleasing to the eye.

Some of the other areas are a bit bleak, though.

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yea cause many of the plants yu lok at now adays are just big long plain boxs with a liitle area of glass they call the office I wish some plants would try and make the building look nice cause they repersent the city when people come ot the city the mostly come to see how the city's industrial area looks and it it's nice they build which will make more job and jobs are good.

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