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Birmingham Picture of the Day


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Sunset from 1st Avenue North


Great Shot rolltide35401! I noticed you once posted that you are in charge of the Charlotte and Birmingham page on emporis. Is this correct???

If so, I was wondering if they would repost the city pop for CLT snce it seems to still be reflecting under 600K. I don't know if you are in charge of that though.

FWIW, I was born and raised in the "salty ham" and miss it. I am glad to catch up on all the things going on in town through UP. I went to UofA and then moved to CLT to work for a brokerage firm and then moved over to Wachovia.



It is too bad about the UCLA game though. What a pisser ! Not to mention the UAB/Kentucky game :(

I am often in Atlanta since it is my territory for the bank and sometimes manage to sneak accross the state line and venture into B'ham where many of my family and friends still reside today.

BTW, back to topic. Here is a nice shot of B'ham since that is what the thread is all about. I like this one from UAB's site since it is capturing an in flight shot. Pretty sweet!


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I took the picture from atop the Vulcan Park tower during my stay in B'ham this weekend. I've traveled through B'ham many times, but I've never actually spent time roaming about the city. I must say that there's alot going on [similar to Nashville's downtown] and many things to do.


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