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San Diego Olympics?

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Well San Diego is such a deserved city

-Nice & Booming Downtown

-Highway Good Condition and Renovation is Starting (highway 5 10 to 15 lanes)

-There Light rail is the Best In the West Coast

-We handle the super bowl well (accept for the riot :P we should get more cops)

-Did I Say Downtown i mean wow alot of construction going on

-they have tourist attractions

sea world,legoland,Beaches,Navy yard visit the old WW2 ships etc.

pictues of downtown

Well do you think San Diego is a Well Deserved city for the olympics

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I do think San Diego would be a great representative of the USA for hosting, however my question is, can the airport handle that type of volume? Or would we just have the athletes and spectators fly into LAX? Although this is a possibility, I bet this would be a sticking point.

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