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Sacramento and California's Central Valley


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Hello...I started this page as a main forum for all cities and towns within California's Great Central Valley, which encompasses the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys. Main cities: Sacramento, Stockton, Modesto, Merced, Fresno, Bakersfield, and many many others!

Word is at the City of Sacramento's Economic Development Department that the Towers project at 3rd and Capitol Mall by John Saca, as well as David Taylor's 601 and 621 Captiol Mall projects are going to make it...permits will soon be given to both developers to start breaking ground! John Saca sold 250 units in his Tower 'A' this weekend, at an average price of $600,000 each, according to the Sacramento Business Journal.

Also according to the Journal, the City of Davis is likely to approve a 165,000 sq ft retail center on Cowell Boulevard south of and paralleling I-80. This is the second shopping center to be approved since the Border's and Davis Commons was completed in 1998. Target and Trader Joes have both expressed interest in locating as main tenants, and both are generally not favored by Davis residents.

If you have other news regarding the Valley, contribute!

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Aparently the Towers at Capitol Mall (www.sactowers.com) will be reviewed and voted on by the planning commission on Aug 25. Unless appealed to City Council, it appears as though the project will get approved and construction will begin soon. John Saca, the developper, plans to demolish the existing structure at 301 Capitol Mall starting in September and begin construction by December 2005. He also plans to build both towers at once and hopes that the first tennants will be able to move in within 24 months!

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The twin, 53-story Towers on Capitol Mall won approval by the planning commission on August 25. Demolition of the existing vacant structure at 301 Capitol Mall will, according to developer John Saca, begin in early September and pile driving for the towers will begin before 2006. He hopes to have the units ready for tenants by the end of 2007. These two structures will surely be Sacramento's tallest structures for years to come and one of the tallest structures in Northern California (the Transamerica building in San Francisco is 48 stories, for comparison, but is about 50 meters taller than the Towers' proposed height of 186 meters).

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