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Which North Carolina city are you from?  

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  1. 1. Which North Carolina city are you from?

    • Charlotte
    • Raleigh
    • Greensboro
    • Durham
    • Winston-Salem
    • High Point
    • Fayetteville
    • Asheville
    • other (explain)

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I was born in Durham, and lived there from 1981-1985, when my mom moved us to Greenville (NC) until 1986. Then I was back in Durham until 1995. From 1995-1999 (HS) I lived in Hillsborough. Post HS I moved to Wilmington, and lived there until 2002 when, for various reasons I moved to a small town in North Central MA until October of 2003. After that I moved back to NC and decided on Cary, b/c after living in a small town ghetto for a yr and a 1/2 I wanted to live somewhere nice. Unfortunately Cary is dull and overpriced so I'm getting bored and contemplating a move when my lease is up in May of next yr, although I plan on staying in the Triangle, maybe somewhere in Raleigh near downtown...

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Lived in Fayettville went to college in Greensboro. Fayetteville is my home town but its kinda depressing. No hope for downtown to much crime. They tried to clean up the city and change the image but there isn't much more you can do when a region relies on federal govt. for jobs and tax money. Retail is our biggest earner and it is not doing to well from what I hear because of all the troop deployments. I said all of that to say this. I loved Greensboro. If and when I move back to good ole Carolina I will probably settle in the Boro. My wife loved it there also. We met in college. She is from nothern new jeresey and said the city had some likable urban qualities to it.

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Born in Thailand, my mother is Cambodian and my father is Black, moved to Charlotte when I was 3 and I attend college at Winston-Salem State University, but I call Charlotte my home, my one and only home. So I've been in Thailand and Japan, but I don't really remember, and I forgot why my parents chose to settle in Charlotte.

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