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MA is grade A for economic development

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This article seems to have such different criteria for economic development than we usually see such as cheap land, low taxes, government welfare for business. Sort of refreshing.

Bay State nets straight A's for economic development

Boston Business Journal

The Bay State received straight A's from a Washington, D.C-based nonprofit that ranks each state on such areas as business vitality, development capacity and employment and quality of life issues.

Massachusetts scored well for safeguarding its environment, its entrepreneurial energy and its financial resources, but fared less well when graded on its amenities and infrastructure, according to the 2003 report card published this month by the Corporation for Enterprise Development.

Joining Massachusetts with straight As were Minnesota, and Virginia.

Massachusetts held the highest ranking in the nation for its low greenhouse-gas emissions (the air pollution that is thought to cause global warming). It held a fourth-place ranking in toxic emissions and the eighth-highest recycling ranking.

The study noted that the state should address its high energy and urban housing costs and focus attention on changing its income distribution, but did cite as a positive that venture capital flows into Massachusetts at a high rate, and basic proficiency in reading and math is among the highest in the nation, the study found.

Problems also arose when equity was compared with other states, with Massachusetts ranking 44th in income distribution and 46th in home-ownership rate. Massachusetts did improve its long-term employment growth from two years ago, when it ranked 46th, to its new place at 21st among the 50 states.

Bay State residents pay more than almost any other American for urban housing (48th among the 50 states) and electricity (49th) -- almost dead last.

On a more favorable note, however, the state's universities likely helped it to place second in the number of Ph.D. scientists and engineers and tops in the nation in science and engineering graduate students. Massachusetts also ranks second in the income per worker from royalties and licenses.

Five other states earned all A's and B's. They were Colorado, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Utah.

The state-by-state comparison of each state's economy takes 68 measures into account.

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No surprises here. It's clear that the Massachusetts government should have a mandate to create more housing.

btw-Amazing how important to this state was the founding of a small College on the banks of the Charles River was 375 years ago.

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