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Southwest Airlines moving to Boeing Field?


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Interesting article that Southwest is considering moving their operations from SeaTac to Boeing Field. Boeing Field currently serves no airlines, so this would be a big change for Seattle to end up with two passenger air terminals.

Promising more jobs and lower fares, Southwest Airlines on Thursday proposed building its own $130 million terminal at Boeing Field, thereby moving its operations from nearby Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

The Dallas-based low-cost carrier would own and maintain the planned eight-gate terminal at Boeing Field, officially known as King County Airport.


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Should Seattle join the sad list of American cities with multiple passenger airports (Dallas, Houston, DC, Chicago, NYC, LA, etc)?

I like the "auxillary" airports because they're smaller, much less crowded, and, in the case of Boeing Field, closer to Downtown.

But it seems that with the costs of building the infrastructure for a new terminal, as well as for the other passenger services, it would be in the best interest of everyone to just wait out the Sea Tac expansion and for Southwest to simply raise the prices for flights into Seattle. I just booked a flight on Southwest to Sea Tac from Tucson, which came out to $200 round-trip via Albuquerque. The next cheapest is Alaska which runs almost $400, and strangely enough, has a daily direct flight to and from Tucson. It seems like they have some room to raise the ticket prices.

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