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Las Vegas: the Strip and the Naked City


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Hello all. This is my first post.

I'm working in Las Vegas over the summer and thought I'd share some of the photos I've taken so far.



JACKPOT MOTEL, THE NAKED CITY : The Naked City is a 'blighted' neighborhood on the northern end of the Strip. It's name refers to the sex workers that used to favor the neighborhood and who would often sunbathe in the buff In their yards.


WYNN LASS VEGAS, NEW DEVELOPMENT : Steve Wynn, the man behind some of the Strip's best known casinos, recently completed this $2.7 billion hotel. There's new development in many places around the Strip. I'm not sure what this one across from the Wynn will become, but nearby is one of many high-rise condos going up all over the city (named after Ivana Trump, with another named after Donald Trump nearby as well). Bruce Eichner, the developer of CitySpire and the Bertelsmann Building in NYC, is working on another project (casino and condo/hotel) further South on the Strip.




FASHION SHOW MALL : Shopping has played a big part in Las Vegas' evolution from seedy mob gambling oasis to corporate family tourist destination. There's high-end shopping in many of the overgrown hotel-casinos like Caesar's Palace and the Venetian.


BUS STOP ON THE STRIP, AD, STRIPPER CARDS : Much of the sidewalk on the Strip is actually the private property of the hotel-casino that it fronts. Despite this, cards advertising strippers are everywhere on the Strip. There are small groups of people handing them out on every corner. Sometimes, informal vendors also sell cold water to passer-bys, but it seems like the police crack down on this pretty regularly.





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Las Vegas terrifies me, these photos aren't really helping my phobia any.  :ph34r:


Great photos, but I've gotta agree with my co-Providence resident Cotuit... Seattle is looking way more attractive to me now for my next West Coast swing...

- Garris

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The whole of Las Vegas doesn't necessarily look like the photos I took. Most of the photos are from the Naked City because the office I work in is located there and I was interested in exploring the other side of Las Vegas.

Las Vegas definitely seems like a city that is split into many different pieces. There's the Strip, with loads of multi-billion dollar hotel-casinos, restaurants run by celebrity chefs, a monorail system, private sidewalks, private power generating plants, pedestrian bridges, etc. There's the luxurious new housing developments with privately built roads, man-made lakes, etc. There's some more middle-class suburban-type developments that are enroaching further and further into the desert (not that the city itself isn't a desert). Then there's the depressed neighborhoods, the inadequate infrastructure, the run-down strip malls.

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