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9 story LLL on UA building


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Whoever did this is absolutely genius

See the giant LLL

It's been confirmed that the light source is coming from Kales. I think it's pretty funny. I don't know what it stands for, but wow. I could actually do this as well since I own a powerful projector. I'm not sure if it's a violation of the Detroit's sign ordiances since some cities require a permit for so much as shining your businesses logo onto a sidewalk. According to dfunk, it is sometimes on the Statler as well, except whoever is running the projector is nice enough to point it away when the demo crew is doing late work.

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SNWEB.ORG, dfunk said it was only coming from teh Kales building. Someone on DetroitYes confirmed it coming from the 2nd floor window. And he never said anything about the number of projectors. Please don't twist words here.

Anyway, I was also thinking this would be a good idea for the Superbowl. If some people aren't to thrilled about covering buildings in ads, then we can illuminate them. Detroit used to be a big city of electric signs. We could bring back the old times for this special occasion.

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<img src="http://www.detroitstar.org/images/whitneybball.jpg">

Walking through GCP after leaving the All Star Game I noticed several images being projected onto the side of The Whitney Building, UA, and Broderick Tower. It's too bad my girlfriend would not let me stop to get a better image than the one above. I dont know though if they are related to the LLL image, but either way I liked it! I like your idea Wolverine...light it up! GCP is too dark any given night.

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