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PROPOSED: Piazza Villa Nuova

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Does anyone know anything about this project that is proposed by Algen? Algen is of course the company from NY that failed to convert the Masonic Temple into a hotel, due to the fact that they were dealing with a shady financier from NYC. I wouldn't put much faith into this project becoming a reality.


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Piazza Villa Nuova, Providence, Rhode Island

            A 100 unit luxury apartment high-rise building located on

            trendy Federal Hill in the heart of Providence.  This

            $35,000,000 project is scheduled for construction in


Oh, 2004, reaaaaally..... These developers really need to update their websites.

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During the Federal Hill charrette, Deller showed a rendering of what he called, Hotel Napoli. Hotel Napoli would be located where that big white building is at the beginning of Atwells across from Dominica Manor. The white building would be used, and a new brick structure would be added to the back. The main entrance would be on Atwells, but the hotel would embrace neighbouring Garibaldi Park. He did not make clear the status of the proposal, but it seemed like it was something that may still happen, or at least a development that his office would like to see at that location.

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