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Nicest and/or Meanest Fans

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There have been posts here about the Best Stadiums and how well teams are expected to be, would like to hear about which teams have the nicest and/or meanest fans. I know that there are rivalries in which certain fans just don't like one another or have grown not to like one onother for one reason or another and that they may be very nice to other teams. Just want to hear your experiences and why. I'll start off by saying that the teams that I have found to have very nice fans have been: Nebraska. They were very nice, well infomed, knowlegeble. It probably helped that they kicked our butts. Florida State. Just friendly and nice, very down to earth. UCLA You couldn't ask for friendlier people. I had a good time sitting in the middle of the UCLA boster section. They were surprised by how many people a team would carry across the country. We talked about the history of the rivalry going back to the RoseBonnet Bowl. Nasties: Kansas State. These people were just nasty, rude, and mean. Before, during and after the game. These people came across like Florida fans. It was very strange, because we had never had any history at all. Forida. This is something that grew up during the Spurrier era. An outgrowth of the coaches mutial dislike. We never thought that much about them before that. The fact that the game grew to be important every year probibly made it worse. Not certain that Florida fans are as bad with everyone, though I know that when Memphis went to Gainesville and beat them there that Memphis came back with the same feeling. They said that the Florida State fans were really nice to them on the way home. Love to hear your thoughts.

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