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Latino population booming in Beechview

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"In just a few years, Latinos -- mostly Mexicans -- moving into Beechview have created the most concentrated Latino population in the city, according to several sources."

Finally, Pittsburgh is developing a Latino community. Up until now, we haven't really had any one neighborhood that could be called Pittsburgh's Latino neighborhood.

But it sounds very much like Beechview is becoming that neighborhood. This could really help the city to seem more welcoming to immigrants, and hopefully attract more and thus reverse our population loss.

Here is another quote from the article:

"Even the Foodland is playing to the growing market. It displays corn husks for tamales right inside the entrance. Besides the regular Mexican food section, more authentic provisions sit on shelves prominently near the checkout.

Both small Mexican stores on each end of Broadway's business zone compete for the Mexican customer by selling groceries and other goods from Mexico."

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I like to see that Pittsburgh is becoming a hub for a latin population, I am hoping that Richard Florida is taking note of this, why we are still the 39th city for diversity when most cities don't have a China Town or a Polish Hill, but since we don't have a Castro District or a West Hollywood we are somehow less diverse?!?

I have waited for an authentic little mexico or little puerto rico to develop in the area, however when viewing what immigration out of control has done to metros such as Phoenix, Miami, Houston and San Diego, I am hoping that this immigration becomes more like those of the early 20th century and less like what Arizona is suffering with.

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