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WTVD has a new look on their site


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How d you det WTVD all the way out there in southwest virginia? :blink:


I'm in the southern foothills of Southwest Virginia, Franklin County to be exact. We ued to live farther south in the county when I was little and the Greensboro and Raleigh stations came in almost as well as the Roanoke ones. I grew up on , WRAL, WUNC and WTVD.

When I moved to where I am now, I had a great rooftop aentenna that could still pick up stuff pretty well. WRAL, WUNC and WTVD got weaker, but I still got the Triad stations.

That antenna got screwed up and I'm cheap and scared of heights :rolleyes: so now I use rabbit ears. I can still get WTVD, WFMY, WGHP and WXII, albeit fuzzily.

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