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Medical Mile/Michigan Street Developments


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I don't like Rudolph's idea that we're doing what every other mid sized city in the country is doing, because we aren't doing what every other mid sized city in the country is doing. He's right; there have been a lot of cities that have passed bills similar to our governor and the legislators' technology fund where a big pool of money gets handed out to whoever has a business plan that implements some technology and connections to the government. I think we have gone a different route, so far, in that we as a city have invested in research institutions that create and will continue to create technology for a long time. The big difference is that most new technologies fail; eventually other states will run out of money supporting these ventures (plus studies show that the companies the governments pick in these types of situations almost always turn out to be turkeys), while our institutions will continue to create opportunities for a long time.

The effective part about the government money give-aways is the potential to attract a large cluster of talent to an area, and with the broad 'technology' or 'bio technology' labels these things are given in addition to the large amount of states doing the same thing I don't doubt that all these initiatives will fail miserably.

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So.... we're guessing we could put most the building in d/t in that hole and not see the top :rofl: ....

Hate to be that guy.

"What do you want me to do today boss?"

"Dig a hole over there"

"How deep"

"Eeeeehhhh, lets say about 6 stories, he's some boards to keep the dirt from falling in on ya"

" :shok::blink: "

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Based on 3dad's diagram, it looks like part of the ramp that will eventually go in the tower building's place will actually be further below grade than the current hole is now :blink:

If there was some kind of monsoon this spring would it be possible for the tower building to slide down into the hole?

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