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Medical Mile/Michigan Street Developments


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Anyone know when ground-breaking is going to occur for the Van Andel Institute expansion?

Well spring has passed and so has the anticipated groundbreaking date for this project. I see that GRDad has now updated the GR projects list to show a "summer 06" groundbreaking. Did I miss something?

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The only thing I can think of would be the church next door and their plans to demolish their school and build the new one to the South.

As a member of Immanuel, I can tell you that the church plans have no bearing on VAI's timetable.

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Longtime lurker, first time posting. . .

Some updates on the hospital for ya:

Plans have changed! The stained glass spire is out - Spectrum Health is looking for something a little more "funky." The new design should debut this fall (no clue as to what they're planning to change).

Building has increased to 14 stories(!), with about 3 or 4 floors left vacant for future expansion. Current goal is an opening in fall 2010.

The front (main) entrance to Butterworth will be remodeled this year, with the plans by the same architects doing the new DVCH. Plan is to develop a facade that ties together the Heart Center, Butterworth, and the new DVCH. The circle drive will be closed for this remodel....and you thought traffic on Michigan was already bad!

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i dont know if this has been discussed around here before, but is this going to be a walkable project? with the hill and the bridges and everything, i can see this whole area be very automobile-dependant. just wondering if anyone had anything on this...

It depends exactly what you are looking for. The site is very chalenging in that it drops 100' from Coit down to Division. The first floor of the Cancer Center is at the Coit elevation and the first floors of the remaining three towers are 30' below Coit. Those three towers will be connected by a plaza which is very walkable. Will this project increase foot traffic along the street? Only time will tell I suppose. It certainly isn't the most walkable street due to the slope.

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Whoops, forgot the fundage info.

Spectrum is contributing appx. $90 million to the project with another $100 million requested in donations. The most recent figures (from April) show over $81 million in donations!

Oh, and thanks torgo. :blush:

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Thanks for posting and WELCOME!

Weren't they planning on tearing down the ramp sometime this summer to start?

Good question on the timing! They will have to tear down the outpatient/physician parking ramp to build the new DVCH. However, as of 7/10 the South parking ramp (Barclay @ Lyon) is closed for rennovation until mid-September. That means all staff who normally park there are temporarily relocated to the main (North Visitor) parking ramp. I just don't know where they would put all those people if they started to tear down the outpatient ramp simultaneously.

As an aside, the parking for the new DVCH will be underground (on the "D" level) for emergency patients only. Otherwise, parking will be across the street under the new Cancer center and/or Towers buildings.

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