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The sky line along I-20 will be changing.


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A landmark to motorists driving on I-20 west of Atlanta will soon be gone, as Six Flags Over Georgia has announced that it will be removing "The Great Gasp" parachute drop ride.

Built in 1976, The Great Gasp has been a favorite with guests seeking the thrill of a 200-foot parachute drop when they visit the theme park. Sporting magnificent views of the Atlanta skyline, the Great Gasp has stood as a local icon, carrying over 15 million riders to lofty heights and back in it's near 30-year life.

The Great Gasp will thrill it's final riders on August 14th. After than it will be closed and disassembled. (Don't worry, word is it will be replaced by something exciting...)

For more information on the Gasp and the two-week long celebration to honor the ride, vist the offical page at Six Flags.com.

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Aw... It's like a part of my childhood is being removed.  :cry:


I agree girly. As a kid, I went to Six Flags quite a bit. I remember on cool summer evenings riding the chute to the top and then slowly "floating" downward as you look out of the forest of GA pines below, with the skyline of ATL in the distance (if you were positioned in the right parachute). I even stole a kiss from a girl I was dating when I was Thirteen, many years ago , at the top when it pauses for just those few seconds. This is going to be a SAD day at Six Flags when this ride comes down.


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