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Wireless Access in Downtown Manchester

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Wireless Access in Downtown Manchester

The City of Manchester is pleased to announce free downtown internet access courtesy of ManchesterWireless.org, Signull Technologies and the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce.

Manchester Wireless is a community based project intended to provide the greater Manchester, NH area with publicly available wireless internet access. Manchester Wireless is designed to be an open network, meaning anyone within the coverage area who would like to setup a repeater for their neighborhood or business can share this network through an agreement arranged through Signull Technologies.

Manchester Wireless utilizes the 802.11b 2.4GHz band and supporting networking products. Residents and visitors to the Manchester area can signup for 1 free hour of downtown access. That's 1 free hour every day. Additional access time is available via your ManchesterWireless.org account at reasonable rates.

To connect to ManchesterWireless.org simply set your SSID (available networks within your area) to 'manchesterwireless.org" and scan for one of the access points downtown. For current access availability visit

Read more at Manchester's website here. And you can go find even more information at ManchesterWireless.org

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