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maine's suburbanization

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The fastest-growing county in Maine was York, where in-migration and a booming economy added 22,155 people, for a total population of 186,742. That's a 13.5 percent increase since 1990 - more than three times the state's overall growth rate.

Cumberland County added 22,477 new residents, for a 9.2 percent growth rate. With a total population of 265,612, it remains Maine's largest county by far.

On the community level, Portland remained the state's largest city, with a population of 64,209. But that's actually a decline of 109 people since 1990. In contrast, suburban populations exploded.

For example, Scarborough's population skyrocketed by 35 percent, climbing from 12,518 to 16,970. The increase makes Scarborough the 10th largest community in Maine.

In Gorham, the population rose to 14,141 from 11,856, a 19 percent jump. it is expected to reach over 17,000 by 2005. And Windham saw a 14.5 percent increase, from 13,020 people in 1990 to 14,904 people last year.

suburbanization sucks. period.

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