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Monday, December 06, 2004

Where is Bridgeport?

by Brandon Booth

"In Franklin W. Dixon's early works of the Hardy Boys canon he left specific and general clues as to the location of Bayport. After disproving the location of Bayport, NY due to low population, lack of cliffs, extensive research has shown Bayport to be Portland, Maine. To recap on a previous essay, the 1950 Bayport population of 50,000 inhabitants (forty-thousand more than Bayport, New York) almost matches the 2000 census of Portland Maine's population of 63,000 assuming the normal growth of cities in population. Portland is far enough north to freeze in the winter, has a shore road in the atlas, and remote areas along the coast where much of the Hardys adventures take place..."

full article

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Wow, I had no idea that some of those places were that large at one point. A couple that stand out to me are Providence and St. Louis.


yeah st louis especially. wow, almost a million people. portland was up to about 80,000 which even though it sounds small is a gigantic city compered to the rest of maine...

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