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In New England, a city revival built on creativity.

While New England was one of the slowest-growing regions in the US in the 1990s, Portland stood out as an exception. The city was the only metropolis in the region to make the list of the 20 top receivers of young, single, college-educated adults from 1995 to 2000..."

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PORTLAND -- Crude oil is king on the Portland waterfront.

Petroleum tankers helped Portland retain its status as THE NATION'S LARGEST foreign inbound tonnage transit port in 2004..."

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"PORTLAND -- Sprague Energy Corp. plans to develop a forest products distribution center on the Portland waterfront and increase by 10-fold the amount of container traffic through the city's International Marine Terminal..."

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"Heroin deaths are on the rise in Portland, Maine, leaving officials concerned that the drug problem is getting out of hand..."

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"Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wouldn't recognize his hometown these days, although high-rise office buildings blend nicely with historic landmarks and Victorian era architecture..."

full article on the portland metro area

"Portland is Maine's largest city with 66,000 full time residents; however it swells to 2 million if one includes annual visitors and part-time residents. Visitors come by car, train, airplane, and boat. Each year, Portland harbor hosts an average of over 206,000 international passengers; approximately 41,000 passengers on 40 cruise ships and an additional 165,000 passengers on the Scotia Prince.

At every turn, Portland is an experience for everyone."

police stats for 2003:

Calls for Service:

Total calls received 375,000

911 calls 40,000

Calls requiring dispatch of police officers 75,714

Calls requiring dispatch of fire/ems 20,601

Arrests 3,118

Traffic Stops 10,785

Traffic Citations 5,620

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"Portland, Maine is a City of approximately 30 square miles with over 68,000 permanent residents, that swells to over 150,000 on any given work day. The City is on one of the busiest functioning harbors on the East Coast. Portland has 2 major hi-ways bisecting it, along with a major train line which handles alot of freight (and will be servicing AMTRAK service from Boston starting in May).

Downtown consists of multi-story hi-rise buildings and tightly packed multiple unit apartment buildings.

There is a large commercial and industrial base in the City. Portland is home to a Minor League baseball team, an American Hockey League team, and has various events anytime of the given year in the Old Port section as well as at the Civic Center and the Merrill Auditorium.

The Fire Department consists of approximately 232 Career Firefighters and Paramedics (Local 740 IAFF). Apparatus include 6 Engines, 4 Ladders, 1 Heavy Rescue, 1 Fire Boat, 1 Rescue Boat, 4 Air Rescues, 3 Paramedic Ambulances (MEDCU Units), and numerous support vehicles. Personnel responded to 18,415 emergency calls in 2000..."

full article

that is all for now, these were some of the pages saved on my favorites list, for anyone interested.

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