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Chains look at Downtown Crossing

Home Depot, Kohl's, Jordan's ponder move as Filene's disappears

By Jenn Abelson, Globe Staff {sodEmoji.{sodEmoji.|}} July 30, 2005

Home Depot Inc., Kohl's Corp., and Jordan's Furniture have expressed interest in coming to Downtown Crossing after Federated Department Stores vacates a massive building in that location next year, according to an official involved with the talks.

Continue reading at: Boston.com

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I'd like to see Jordan's Furniture take the spot since it is a fun, local store.  But DT seems like a terrible place to load a piece of furniture into a car.


Ha, agreed, they'd have to have a nice delivery service.

I like the idea of a multi-level Home Depot with the garden section on the roof.

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Target would be great!  DX should be where the middle class shops, and not Copley and Newbury.


Exactly, Taget fits right in with TJMaxx and H&M and frankly, Macy's which are already there. Copley Mall, The Pru, and Newbury are all highend, and Quincy Market covers that sort of mall store need (if theres a need). Downtown Crossing should be a place for city residents to go to buy things they need.

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I could kind of see Nordstrom's opening there eventhough Nordstrom is more high end but rather that this vacancy is a rare opportunity for them to get into a central Boston location. I doubt they would have the opportunity to open in Prudential or Back Bay since there arent too many places where a store could open and its rare that malls add department stores since the other existing dept stores are very hostile to new dept stores being added.

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There's a mall proposal out near the Convention Center in the Seaport, I think Nordstrom would be a good fit out there. It's not Downtown Boston, but the Convention Center alone will provide good traffic.

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Does anyone know which downtown crossing store will close, the Filene's or the Macy's?

I think the Macy's. The Filene's store is a much better looking location and a much better choice for a flagship, the Macy's really needs to be gutted.

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thats what i was hoping, plus it seems the macys location would convert better to urban big box with its fewer yet larger floors

Exactly, the weird thing with the Filene's location though is that Filene's Basement connects directly to Filene's (soon to be Macy's), but Filene's and Filene's Basement have been seperate companies for a long time now. The other issue, is Macy's has the Macy's Cellar at it's current location, they'd have to evict Filene's Basement to move the Cellar across the street. I think they'd be more popular if they set fire to Old Ironsides than if they tried to evict Filene's Basement.

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From the Globe:

Filenes store will close and the new owners will sell the building. Macys will stay in its current building, the old Jordan Marsh store.

Where Filenes Basement will go is still unknown. Nordstrums or another retailer could come into Filenes old building but Nordsrum supposedly has commited to the core block in the seaport. Withn 5 years there will be a lot of people living and working in the area, plus lots of conventioneers and cruise ship traffic. The core block has a high rise hotel and residential component in addition to the mall.

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Filenes store will close and the new owners will sell the building. Macys will stay in its current building, the old Jordan Marsh store.

Hmm, I guess a crap store likes to stay in it's crap location. I read something recently about a group of Americans trying to by Hudson's Bay Company, it'd be cool to get one of those in the Filene's spot. Though that's all speculation at this point, and there's no word if they'd bring The Bay stores to the states, it could end up being blocked since Canadians are up in arms about it. We need some new retail blood though, soon there's only going to be one place to shop.

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thats really sad about losing a dept store in the filene's building, that was a much better building

I read something recently about a group of Americans trying to by Hudson's Bay Company

oh please no, theyll ruin it, HBC is the nicest full service dept store chain in north america.

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After doing a little internet search about this, there was article today in the Globe that briefly mentioned it...

On Target

So what's the big difference between Target and Wal-Mart? We welcome one to a prime corner of Downtown Crossing but cold-shoulder the other.

By Thomas M. Keane Jr. {sodEmoji.{sodEmoji.|}} October 30, 2005

As soon as rumors floated that Federated Department Stores would be shuttering Filene's in Downtown Crossing, dismayed Boston officials started thinking about who next would occupy the magnificent 1912 Beaux-Arts building. Two names quickly surfaced: Wal-Mart and Target.

thats pretty much the only part of the article that mentions it but here's the link to the rest...






Nameplate/Location City/State

------------------ ----------

Macy's Central/Eastland Mall Columbus, OH

Macy's East/Warwick Mall(a) Warwick, RI

Macy's East/Pheasant Lane(a) Nashua, NH

Macy's West/Galleria at Tyler(a) Riverside, CA

Macy's West/Montclair Plaza(a) Montclair, CA

Macy's West/Inland Center(a) San Bernardino, CA

Macy's West/Paradise Valley(a) Phoenix, AZ

Macy's West/Tucson Mall(a) Tucson, AZ

Macy's West/Coronado Center(a) Albuquerque, NM

Filene's/Chestnut Hill(b) Newton, MA

Filene's/Cape Cod - home/furniture Hyannis, MA

Filene's/Crystal Mall Waterford, CT

Filene's/Danbury Fair Mall Danbury, CT

Filene's/Downtown Boston Boston, MA

Filene's/Maine Mall - Main Portland, ME

Filene's/Maine Mall - Men's Portland, ME

Robinsons-May/South Coast Plaza(b) Costa Mesa, CA

Robinsons-May/Fashion Valley(b) San Diego, CA

Robinsons-May/Fiesta Mall Mesa, AZ

Robinsons-May/Fox Hills Culver City, CA

Robinsons-May/Los Cerritos Center Los Cerritos, CA

Robinsons-May/North County Fair - north Escondido, CA

Robinsons-May/North County Fair - south Escondido, CA

Robinsons-May/Plaza Camino Real Carlsbad, CA

Robinsons-May/Santa Anita Arcadia, CA

Robinsons-May/Santa Monica Place Santa Monica, CA

Robinsons-May/University Town Ctr La Jolla, CA

Robinsons-May/Valley Plaza S.C. Bakersfield, CA

L.S. Ayres/Castleton Square Indianapolis, IN

Strawbridge's/Christiana Mall Newark, DE

Strawbridge's/Deptford Mall Deptford, NJ

Strawbridge's/Springfield Mall Springfield, PA

(a) "Going out of business" sales for these Macy's locations will be

conducted at the May Company nameplate store in the same mall.

(b) Stores to be reopen as Bloomingdale's after being closed and



Federated Identifies Six Additional Stores for Divestiture

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So what is going to go in there? Is Filene's remaining open?

Filene's is definitely leaving and parts of the site may be open to development:


I haven't seen any definite news about what new retail is coming in. So I can't rule out Wal-Mart for sure. But it seems very unlikely.

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