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NBC News to highlight FUMCO music Director Bill Shortal

This is from an e-mail sent out to some members of the Church staff.

"The segment will focus on churches

in the U.S. struggling to find strong musical directors and the

generational struggles of finding people who know the old hymns.

They have somehow learned of our golden jewel, Bill Shortal and our

worship artists, and asked to film their segment at our church because

of the strength of our program. They wish to take pictures which will

highlight our church's architecture and symbolism."

Sounds like great exposure for Orlando and FUMCO.

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Retail developers like Orlando

The city's population growth and stability make it attractive, a new study says.

Despite a slumping housing market and rising construction and insurance costs, Orlando remains a hot spot for retail development, according to a Florida retail real estate report expected to be formally released on Monday.

Orlando led the state in number and value of shopping center deals for the first half of 2007, the report said. That may slacken as terms for financing are expected to tighten in the next six months.


Now just convince them to open up downtown. I would think it shouldn't be too far off with the foot tracffic expected to increase when the venues are up operating.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Have I mentioned lately how much I detest Rosen? What a scrooge! For someone who is so successful, he certainly has no "big visions" for the city at large. Are there any good interviews/articles that outline his objections?

A couple of things which are notable here: first, the fact he is going the petition route means someone apparently told him that a lawsuit wouldn't fly (petitions are a terribly inefficient way to get anything done).

Second, 50000 legit signatures in 180 days is a tall order; I have worked in the petition biz and I'd hate that short of a time span to get that many actual voters.

Third, unlike in previous instances, the tourism industry is not at all united on this and Harris doesn't have control of the county commission as he once did (notice his attorney is a FORMER commissioner) - I suspect he has royally pissed Rich off on this.

So, the only way he wins if he delays things enough to run up costs but with the impending slowdown in construction I wonder if some commodity prices might actually fall in the medium-term.

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I wonder if anyone advised Rosen of the politcal and public relations costs to such a move? Even if he is successful in blocking all three venues (highly unlikely, in my opinion. I don't even see the petitions getting off the ground), just think of the backlash in the community. "Hey, there's Harris Rosen. The guy who owns some hotels and, oh yeah, got rid of the arts center, new arena and improved Citrus Bowl. What a guy!" And that doesn't even get into the fact that Crotty and Dyer must be seriously peeved right about now, and probably the folks at Disney and Universal, who were also onboard with this.

I'm curious as to how many petitions they do get signed, though. I just have a feeling that many of the people who are so adamently opposed to these projects are the small but vocal minority who are often opposed to everything -- just for the sake of being opposed to someting. I'd be surprised if they were 50,000 strong. I think many more people were wary of a Citrus Bowl renovation, but I doubt they would want to sink or delay all three projects and would not sign such a petition.

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This guy and his team of selfish lawyers got themselves wraped so tight around this issue running up to the votes that I think they may have completely lost touch with reality. Rosen is probably so used to getting everything done his way and the fact that he got BEAT on this has him kicking and screaming like a spoiled child. Fueling the fire, the Rosen legal team has probably done so well for themselves working for this man that they too are going to fight like bulls until their sugar daddy gets his prize. The community should stand up against Rosen for his utter lack of comprehension that Central Florida residence don't want community venues in the tourists Orlando, they want it in the place we call Orlando, downtown.

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remember, it can't be 50,000 random signatures, it needs to be 50000 registered voters... that's close to 10% of the voting population in central florida (according to the sentinel). So basically, it requires that 10% of voters are so passionately against the venues they will go out of their way to sign this petition. I don't really see that happening... unless rosen plans on spending millions of dollars in marketing it, on top of all the legal fees he will have to incur to even make this happen.

Hope this puts him in the poor house & further ruins his public image, this guy is next doug guetzloe.

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So, is it time for the "Boycott Rosen Properties" bumper stickers or what?

The hospitality industry like many others schedules employees based on business. If a boycott came about and was successful a lot of people could receive a major cut in hours or possibly be laid off. The employees of Rosen who don't share his views should not have to suffer because of his backwards thinking. And no, I don

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anyone have rosen's email address?

I was thinking more along the lines of going into the lobby area restrooms of his hotels and using large, permanent ink magic markers, write "Support The Downtown Venues!!! - Don't sign the Rosen petition" all over the walls inside the toilet stalls.

It might not influence a lot of people, but it would certainly piss him off!!! :angry::lol:

But seriously... don't break the law, kids.

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Regardless how nice he want to present himself ...his ultimate goal is to get those taxes back for his hotel business industry on I-4.

He himself is a billiaire too, he can put his own money into paramore if he cares about them so much.

50 mills is just pocket change for him.

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Well, according to this from WFTV, it takes an a**hole to know an a**hole:

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Harris Rosen and Doug Guetzloe have made names for themselves in very different ways. Thursday they were together working as one.

Guetzloe is the controversial political consultant and Rosen is the millionaire hotelier. They have teamed up for a common goal; shooting down the new community venues until the public can vote.

But even though they have a common interest, Rosen said unlike others in the past, he is not paying Guetzloe.

"I don't want to pre-judge Doug. If he's going to help me, God bless him. I don't want to have a relationship with Doug or his group," Rosen said.

Rosen said he's not paying Guetzloe anything for his help. He needs to collect more than 30,000 signatures by February.

The Orlando Magic paid Guetzloe in the past not to fight their push for a venue.

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