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forsyth county GA

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Isn't Forsyth County known as a racist county that tried to keep blacks out. When civil rights organizers marched there some years ago, citizens threw snowballs at them and told them to stay out.

Try ROCKS. That was in 1989 or 1990 when Hosea Williams led a massive march through the 100% white county. The county had Black residents prior to WWII who were mostly farmers, but were all driven out. Hosea Williams & the marchers were met along the road by numerous hecklers, including KKK member David Duke. Several were pelted by rocks as they marched through.

Incredibly, this disaster was quickly erased in many Atlantans minds. Blacks have since moved into Forsyth County, as it wasn't any major social education that took place, but simply suburbanization. The lower income white residents of the 1980's are now outnumbered by high income whites - many from the northeastern US.

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