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Vote for Pennsylvania's best sports

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ESPN is doing a segment during SportsCenter on 50 states in 50 days putting the spotlight on that states altheletic heritage both homegrown and professional. I'll be interested in seeing who makes it to the top of the list when Pennsylvania comes out.

Here's the main link to the site:


My favorites:

Wilt the Stilt for Philly

Football for the State (under favorite sport)

Jack Lambert for Pittsburgh

and Dan Marino for overall state sports star.


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This poll seems to be dominated in votes by the Eastern part of our state.

Among my choices were:

Maz's homerun.


Joe Montana.

Mike Schmidt.


Steelers vs. Browns.

Mario Lemieux.

Ben Franklin.

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When I logged on a few days ago Football was way out ahead on overall sport, now "golf" is. I'm not complaining in that both Arnold Palmer and Jim Furyk are both from the Pittsburgh area. But Pennsylvania needs football as its top sport.

Also I'm voting for Pittsburgh vs. Penn State as the best college rivalry and Steelers vs. Browns for best pro rivalry.

I don't really see it swinging to Philly though the college rivalries are the BBall teams around there. Dan Marino is winning the overall homegrown product ;)

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Only a week to go on this, I saw how New York State was almost purely dominated by Harlem Basketball with a remote at a park up there. I wonder where ESPN will put it's remote for Pennsylvania? Curious to see how the fan voting affects that. Be sure and get your opinions heard, they will go 'round the world in 7 days. :)

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