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Mr Flood's Party


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I was there when Mr.Flood's Party closed it's doors...

It was prior to finals in 1986... Our dorm floor from Coman Baits II (Graduate dorm on North Campus UM) went down to center campus for a final fling. We ended up in line at Mr. Flood's Party ( about 10:00pm) and because it was overfull, we waited for people to leave so that we could enter... After about 15 minutes, enough people exited to allow about 5 of us in... what we didn't know was that there had been a confrontation between a patron and the house that resulted in the patron being bounced... I was one of the ones that was entered and I bought a pitcher of beer for our party... I expected that the rest of our party would be inside in the next few minutes... that did not happen... and the doors were closed with what happened next.. no more were let in... as we watched, this is what happened... the patron that was bounced return in his pick-up truck... he was not a U of M student, but instead a local young kid doing carpenter work... when he was bounced, he removed his belt to use on the bouncer (alcohol was definitely a factor here)... the bouncer (1.5x his size) took the belt from him outside the place... he ran away... while half of our party was inside and the other half was waiting at the door... the bounced patron return in his pickup, stopped in front of the place, and threw an empty half gallon glass bottle of booze through the stained glass front door. The bouncer returned and the perp used a 4 foot carpeters level as a bat and broke the bouncers wrists as he tried to defuse the situation... at that point the doors were closed... no more let in... and no kore liquor served... we moved next door to the restaurant bar and watched the police situation that followed... end result... Mr. Floods Party... never reopened...

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On a related note. AA's new fire marshall is ruining everyone plans and enforcing occupancy restrictions on bars and clubs. Booooooooo! Really, I'm not being sarcastic. I heard studio 4 was charging outrageous cover to manage occupancy (in particular way maybe)

Damn, I didn't want to spend my nights waiting in line!

Hm, back when I was a mod, looks like I forgot to move this topic prior to the AA forum

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