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Pa, MidAtlantic & other markets


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They evaluate markets where they are present.

I had thought they stopped doing it early last year, but it turns out that they moved their updated ones and they pagethat i had previously bookmarked was essentially dead.

In anycase, check these out. Some smaller markets don't get the full treatment (only a chart).


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That is an excellent link MJ.

I really like the fact that it is not just the city or county or 6 county region but the whole 5 state area that PNC covers.

The only comparable would be the Cleveland Fed's tri-state coverage and they don't even cover Philly.

Thanks again, fantastic link.

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It really is great. Unfortunately they only do it for markets of which PNC has branches. I looked at other regional banks (National City, Key) for Cleveland and other areas, but no luck.

Economy.com has metro profiles that I think borrow from sources like these (among others). They have 3 page pdfs (a new one every quarter) that are the most concise and specific thing out there. They are excellent, but not free (in fact they are pricey).

At least though, we have PNC for in the know data.

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Bloomberg has a really good site with "regional" indicies on the companies for that region. Here is Pittsburgh's:


Here's is Philly's:


and here is NE Ohio's:


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