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Guerilla Art in Flint


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I don't know if anyone has ever heard of Red Ink Studios, but I guess they're coming to Flint.

Their site explains it more thoroughly, but basically what happens is that a building owner lets the group essentially take over an abandoned building. "Nomad" artists are accepted into the space and fix up and attract people to the building. When the owner finds tenants to lease space to, the artists have to move out and if they want they can find another Red Ink Studio location.

Like I said, the site explains it much better, but it sounds very interesting to me. They also say there are plans for Detroit, too. What do you guys think?

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Artists to breathe new life into closed site


I found this article funny because I was going to come on the forum and speculate that Red Ink would use the former Royalite building, but I thought I was way off base. The reason I had a feeling about it was because Tim Herman briefly mentioned that the building would be used for something in the near future, but changed his mind about speaking more about that. I couldn't think of anything related to the Farmers Market that would use that much space, but at the same time I just thought the art studio would be right downtown. So I didn't bring it up in case I sounded ridiculous. ;)

I don't like the location so much, but I'm still happy to see this happening. I hope something happens with the artist work lofts that the GFAC mentioned a while back. I can smell momentum right around the corner.

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It's the building along E. Boulevard past the Market's gravel parking lot (heading away from Robert T. Longway).

And yes the Farmers Market is right at the river. Cross the street and there's a dock about 10 feet from the road :P. I admit I didn't realize how close it was until I started going to the market more often and made my way across the street.

Oh yeah (!), speaking of the river... I know you guys will think I'm full of s***, but I was downtown yesterday at the Crim and I saw someone rafting in the river, lol. I'm guessing it was an out-of-towner :blink:

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What?! Someone rafting in the Flint River?! It must've been someone who was on that What's Up Downtown tour that I went on...there were a bunch of people talking about how great it was to canoe in the river.

Those people must know of a different Flint River, since the one I know of has banks lined with concrete and homeless people. I've seen a few benches and quite of bit of trash floating by too.

The long term plan is to remove the concrete banks west of downtown. The whole river really could use a makeover...especially the portion downtown. That multi-leveled concrete thing isn't very user friendly.

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I still have no clue where this building is. lol The only other one I can picture in that image is the Citizens Bank that's on the corner, and that's about it. lol I'll have to pay more attention the next time I'm coming back from FIM. lol

Off-topic, but does anyone know how the FIA is coming along?

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You have to go down the side street that the Citizens Bank sits on a little ways before you get to it.

I haven't been by there in a while, but last I heard it's expected to reopen by Flint's Homecoming Weekend events.

Heh, now that I think about it, I was in the Cultural Center today. The FIA didn't even cross my mind...

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