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Detroit to become a one newspaper town?


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While I've heard, and would somewhat agree that Jack Lessenberry wasn't the most credible source, especially given his uber-liberal leanings (I'm not in any way making a statement on my own political outlook), but he published an opinion piece quite a while ago in Metro Times that was pretty good. He had a nice inclination that the Detroit News was the one that was going to bite the dust based on recent goings on in the newspaper world. I'll post the link, the actual discussion is towards the bottom:



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I'll read either paper, but when I buy I get the Free Press. The News is decent as well, and since they switched to a slightly smaller paper size it's much easier to keep together while reading.

When you think about it, plopping down fifty cents for a paper is a pretty good value for all the interesting content you get.

I believe the News' website is much better than the Free Press's, though.

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Well, I read an article on today's "Big Anouncment" and it said:

While rumors are swirling that the papers may combine into one paper, analysts believe that "brand loyalty" will keep them separate.

One scenario may have the Detroit Free Press continue as a broadsheet newspaper, while the Detroit News could adopt a tabloid format, much like the New York Post or New York Daily News.

"The readers aren't going to notice much of a difference -- it will be the same newspaper. If they change the format to a tabloid or something, that will make a difference," said former publisher Neal Shine.

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NEW YORK (Reuters) - Gannett Co. Inc. (NYSE:GCI - news), the largest U.S. newspaper publisher, has agreed to take over the Detroit Free Press from Knight-Ridder Inc. (NYSE:KRI - news) as part of a three-way newspaper deal announced on Wednesday.

The deal also calls for Gannett to sell The Detroit News to MediaNews Group, a privately held publisher that owns 40 papers. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

By early 2006, the Detroit News will become a morning publication, Gannett said in a release announcing the deal. Also, the Detroit Free Press and The Detroit News each will publish a separate Saturday edition, although the Detroit Free Press will become sole publisher of the Sunday newspaper.

At the moment, the Saturday and Sunday editions are a joint publication of the News and the Free Press, which have been run as a joint operating agreement since 1989. The 1989 agreement kept the newsrooms separate, but combined most business functions between Gannett and Knight-Ridder.

Knight Ridder will no longer have an interest in the joint operating agreement, known as the Detroit Newspaper Agency, following Wednesday's deal.

I don't know what necessarily is a morning publication. But I'm glad there's still two newspapers.

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Morning publication?  That term seems a bit odd to me.  Arent all newspapers morning publications or am i missing something?


maybe what they meant was that the newspaper is written in the morning, and delivered in the afternoon or evening. (kind of odd, but w/e).

this means that they could recap all the days events. for example, get the scores from late night sporting events.

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