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Michigan Central Station PART III of VI


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Welcome to Part III of IV of the MCS tour. Last time we left off on somewhere in the attic of the atrium, so I guess I'll start the third installation from there. :)

Part I

Part II

Part III - You are Here

Part IV

Part V

Part VI


The way down wasn't much fun either. In fact, once down to that brick wall, I had to jump down onto the floor below which was also the plaster ceiling of the room beneath that. :blink:


I had forgotten that long vaulted hallway on the main floor, so I'll post a few photos of that since I promised this would be a complete tour.


Can someone knowledgeable about building materials fill me in on what happening in this photo. Does this kind of marble crack and peel at the surface or does it seem painted over at one time?


The elevator lobby on the first floor is amazing. It must have been something to see this room intact at one time. It appears the elevators had a rough ride down. :wacko:


Looking back down the vaulted hallway. It appears it was a retail arcade at one time.


Showers for passangers.


Looking back out


Entry area


Me representin' my Pistons. This photo was taken awhile ago. Be nice and don't repost or edit this photo in any way. I don't typically like posting my photo on the internet. But I figured I'd show what "wolverine" looks like.


Closeup of column detail


Now we'll go upstairs, but not this way.


Oh, how convenient.

The sign is actually left over from the filming of the movie "The Island." Now showing in theaters.


That's definitely not the most dangerous thing in this building.


Encore for the first floor. I promise I won't show any more photos of it.


The stairway makes a bit of adjustment on the 3rd floor. Actually it's the 2nd if you call the floor below it the mezzanine. After this, I won't be keeping track of floors. I can't tell which floors are which. Not to mention my photos are taken out of order since I went to some floors on the way up, and different ones on the way down.


Appears this room was "modernized" at one time.


The reason why these large concrete beams exist is to carry the load of the closely spaced columns above over a wide gap. That gap is the ticket area with the columns which is directly below.


Looking up the tower.


Not all people get out alive... tooooooo bad. ;)


Looking down into the concourse.


Roof of the concourse.


Windows without glass.


Those are some really nice shelves there.




Thermal Window.

This part of the tour will have a few more photos added, but I won't post them until this thread dumps onto a second page because of loading times.

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I'm just going to go ahead and post the remainder of Part III and then move on to Part IV. I'm turning in my computer to get some major upgrades done on it, so I won't be able to post more tours.

Really, there were only a few more images. I just couldn't stick them in my first post because of image limits.


This is perhaps the only stairway in the building that still has railings.


There's attention to detail everywhere.


I'm not going up there again!


The placement of walls is strange on many of the floors. I'm wondering if there was cheap partitions seperating the rooms that have since been removed when the station was initially cleaned out.


Rooms on the east side of the building.


A lot of the damage seen in MCS looks worse than it really is. When all the plaster, wood flooring, light fixtures, and broken windows are gone, you have this. Seems like an easy renovation to me. Unfortunately, few floors look as clean as this.


Random graffiti.

You should expect part IV a few hours after this. I need to get a lot of stuff cleaned off my computer since I plan to have the hard drive reimaged, so the computer is like brand new. :)

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