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LA is finally recognized...


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It's one thing to look at a Rand-McNally map and see what it portrays as "land" in southeast Louisiana.

It's an entirely different thing to look at satellite photos and see those "land" areas as actually water.

I always thought it was weird to drive around Paris Rd. in Chalmette where you could actually smell the saltwater, and look at all the dead cypress trees--from saltwater intrusion.

If nothing else--and the government probably won't do much else--they ought to at least make the hurricane protection levees around NO high enough to withstand a maximum storm. IIRC, I think right now the levees are good for a cat. 3 hit.

Does anyone remember hurricane Juan in the 80's? It was a minimal cat. 1 hurricane, but it hung around for about a week going on and off the coast. I happened to be in One Shell Sq. one day and you could see all the water south of town. It looked like the Gulf was about 5 miles south of Gretna.

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