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LSU unveils new Super-Computer


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Full story from The Advocate

LSU now has a new super computer, they are the first university in the country to get the new technology found in this computer.

The computer is named "pelican" and cost $600,000. It replaces the the older LSU super computer that was not fast enough to handle the new demand for this type of technology.

It is supposed to create jobs involving 3D graphics and other jobs heavily involving technology.

It is also supposed to help bring more students interested in technology to LSU.

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I will be interested to see where it comes in on the top500 list of Supercomputers. The address is below. SuperMike was listed as the 147th fastest on the last list that was out in June.


147 Louisiana State University

United States/2002 SuperMike

P4 Xeon 1.8 GHz - Myrinet / 1024

Atipa Technology 2207


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