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Media Play - Trouble in the Queen City?


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why are they dying? They provide overpriced merchandise that can be found at other stores for lower prices and they just are not appealing IMO. Granted, I have only been in one once.


Yeah, their Cds are way overpriced, and they have a rewards card where if you spend $100 you get $5 credit...gee thanks. I could have saved $15 by buying the same things online and that's with shipping!!! They really expanded their book and home audio section, and reduced their music section. Last time I was at the one in Matthews, they had about 6-8 bins of crappy CDs for like $1 It wasn't stuff you would want though.

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Especially when there's Manifest just 2 miles farther down the road. (FWIW though, I like CD Warehouse better than Manifest. Seems easier/quicker to listen to what they have. Less of it's locked or shrink wrapped.)

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cd warehouse caters heavily to college rockers (frat rock) and jam bands. while manifest really covers the most ground of any music store in charlotte. cd warehouse is convienent, and i have found some real gems there, but it gets old having phish blared in my ear while i shop. i hate going to manifest b/c i will spend to much money.

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