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boulos out of lincoln park options.


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below is a copy of e-mail correspondence that I have had with joe boulos, the developer who proposed the new civic center and office tower for portland this past year. it would have been 245 million dollars. i asked if he had any fitire plans for the site...

read bottom to top.


INBOX: RE: inquiry (4 of 874) Unread Move {sodEmoji.{sodEmoji.|}} Copy

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Date: Wed, 3 Aug 2005 15:22:27 -0400

From: "Boulos, Joe" <[email protected]>

To: Patrick Joseph Venne <[email protected]>

Subject: RE: inquiry

Thanks Patrick. Our option on the land has now expired.

-----Original Message-----

From: Patrick Joseph Venne [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: Wednesday, August 03, 2005 2:41 PM

To: Boulos, Joe

Subject: inquiry


now that the plans for the new civic center/office tower have unfortunately

fallen through, I was wondering if you had any other plans for that particular

development site in the future? thanks for your time.

-Patrick Venne

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lets hope that some better plans rise out of all of this and we get a mixed blessing...maybe a 20+ story structure? who knows what will be considered by the next guy....all i know is that if a grocery store goes up there or something like a 2-story gorham savings bank than i am running out of this state as fast as possible...

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^have you see the 1 story Gorham Savings bank across from the AAA building on Marginal Way. It's right in front of a 1 story Hollywood Video store :sick:


oh dont even get me started on how much that annoys me. they talk about how "great" and "grand" bayside could be and then they fill it with crap like that as part of the redevelopment scheme...c'mon people...and plus, there is another gorham savings like three blocks from there by the new hilton (ugliest building built in the last 10 years in all of new england, i am sure of it)...i have a video of this part of bayside, lemme see if i can find it...

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