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Leander - TOD Masterplan


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Leander's City Council and Planning and Zoning Commission will vote tonight on specially tailored zoning ordinances for the city's proposed 2,300-acre transit-oriented development, including annexing land for the project.

Studies done by the planners, Austin-based Gateway Planning Group, predict that the project would add nearly $2 billion to Leander's tax base and 30,000 residents to the city.

Austin American Statesman: Leander moves forward on high density development

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The calling card of the TOD is a walking atmosphere to encourage open plazas and mixed-use facilities, which will be zoned in order to house multiple-commercial uses as well as residential.

The city's first order of business will be for the Planning and Zoning Commission, which meets Thursday at 7 p.m. just before the scheduled council meeting, to approve an ordinance turning the TOD land into a PUD.

Different from typical developments, PUDs don't apply to traditional zoning laws, but instead allow for a master plan. Instead of just zoning each piece of land for residential or commercial, the PUD allows the land flexibility and potential for mixed use.

Hill Country News: Leander council to vote on TOD design

The Leander city council is expected to pass the new guidelines tonight. Approx. 13 neighborhoods would be built around the future stop on the Austin-Leander Commuter Rail Line. The new TOD area could consist of:

15,000 residential units

-5,000 urban apartment units

-4,000 medium single family lots

-2,500 small single family lots

-2,500 town home/duplex units

-1,000 large homes

1-1.5 million sf of destination retail space

100,000 sf of TOD retail space

500,000-1 million sf of office space

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The Leander City Council approved a contract for the new TOD development's water and wastewater system masterplan do be designed by Bury Partners. The $50,000 project will come at no cost for the city as the eight major landowners will pick-up the costs.

The move is the latest in a series of ordered steps for the 2,300 acre development, which promises to add more than a billion dollars of value to the ranch land east of U.S. Highway 183.

Last month, the city annexed 1,402 acres of property and the planned unit development's Smartcode, the governing document of the project. Once the frameworks of the development is finished the city will institute a Tax Increment Finance District, the chief source of funding for the TOD, by the end of 2005.

Hill Country News: Leander TOD gaining momentum

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Currently, the city is working with potential buyers of the entire development and potential projects, including a million-and-half square feet of retail and possibly a hospital.

Since unveiling the project at a January 2005 charrette, the city has annexed the property, established the Smart Code to govern the development and entertained dozens of potential buyers and investors.

The city of Leadner is also finishing up work on a TIF plan to fund future infrastructure improvements.

Hill Country News:

Leander projects moving full steam ahead

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The first project in the Leander TOD has been approved. Villas of Messina will occupy 342 acres in the 2300 acre TOD district. The topography of the land will prevent this from being a traditional TOD project (gridded streets and such) but there will be a 90 acre commercial zone that will transition in to the more urban developments. 10 of those acres will consist of multifamily developments.

The rest of the Villas of Messina will consist of 700 single family home as well as 14 acres set aside for a school.

Hill Country News: Villas of Messina to get a more breathtaking look

Also, work on the Leander commuter rail station is well underway and the park and ride facility should open this spring.

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