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New Stadium & Signature Tower Info


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Did you guys check out the original and the new renderings for the stadium?!?!?

Two sides of the stadium will be "wrapped" by residential towers in the new renderings!! That means that people living there will have a view of the Stadium AND the river!!

Thats awesome! Not to mention how great its going to look to have this stadium flanked by these buildings... it will be an awesomg experience both for the residents, as well as for the people watching the games (reminds me of Wrigley Field in Chicago... growing up going to the Cubs games, my favorite part was watching all the people up on the roofs, and fire escapes watching the game!!)

I just hope that the design on the buildings are good. I hope they are not bland and boring, but something bold and awesome... something along the lines of the ICON would look really cool here, I think...

Well, either way, this is going to be great. Hope it really dose get built!! And the same goes for The Signature Tower.

Can't wait till we move there... Seems like Spring of 2006 is a go for us!!! Maybe I'll make it to that forum meet!!


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anyone know why the current plan rotated the field so that the outfield faces away from downtown? I thought the previous plan's angle would presnt spectators with a nice view of the river, Titans stadium, and a little bit of the downtown buildings. I was actually hoping for a configuration where the outfield faced the downtown core directly. That would look great -- something like Pittsburgh's PNC park. Instead, this is similar to the Great American BallPark (Cincinnati) blunder -- outfield facing a blank slate instead of the downtown area.

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i was reading in some nashville magazine (N focus on the nashville social scene) about tony g and it was talkin about signature tower and it kept referring to the tower as 650 feet, so maybe it has been scaled back from the original 700, although i cant see what a measly 50 feet will do. here is what it says:

"what tony proposes is the signature tower, to be erected in the center of the city, at 650 feet. by the end of december, he'll have a proposal for funding, purpose and schedule. what he learned from the viridian project will feed the plans for the sig tower"

dont know how accurate this is. it also refers to the bellsouth building as 632 feet, and i always thought it was 617 feet so who knows. anyways, it sounds promising.

there is also a nice article in here about metropolitan living and it has nice renderings of the adelicia, viridian, morgan park place, east end lofts, lofts at werthan mills, and brownstones at first in church in franklin (which look really cool btw)

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