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Just some quick updated information of note:

1. Work is slated to begin on East End Lofts in September.

2. Work is slated to begin on The Adelicia in late August to early September.

3. Work is slated to begin on 1101 Eighteenth in late September.

4. Work has begun on Morgan Park Place, 2222 12th, The West End, Midtown Lofts, The Bristol at 29th and Vanderbilt Place and The Lofts at Wedgewood Park.

5. The Enclave, Bristol on Broadway, The Wesley-Bernard and 807 18th are humming.

6. And, of course, work has begun on SunTrust Plaza downtown and in the shadow of the rising Viridian.

No update news on Harrison Lofts or The Southgate.

Doormanpoet and I have talked a good bit recently about how Nashville has not seen this level of activity in terms of urban infill in years. And, I believe, another major wave will hit soon.

William Williams

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I forgot:

1. Work is almost finished on 9 5 7 Jefferson.

2. Work has started on the homes at Martin Corner, with the mixed-use 37206 Building to rise starting in November. The rendering of the building looks great.

3. Work has begun on the massive 5th and Main on the east side.


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I've been watching the property at 5th and Main and noticed a while back a zoning hearing. I guess things turned out okay. This is such a prominent piece of property with enviable skyline views. It's nice to hear things have begun. With the sparkling Hope project on one side of Spring/Ellington nearing completion and this one ( I assume it will be similar to a rendering I saw some time back) this area will morph into something entirely different than what we've become used to seeing. Thanks for the info WW.

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