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The superior Skyline

What city has Americas most superior skyline?  

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  1. 1. What city has Americas most superior skyline?

    • Chicago
    • New York City
    • Los Angeles

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I think New York is tops right now, but chicago is building trump's hotel and if that Fordham Spire building is built...man that would really look great in Chicago's skyline.

The Freedom Tower will look great for New York, and it will mean so much to New York when it is finished.

I think in 5 years the skylines of Chicago, New York, and L.A. will look even better..but right now New York is tops.

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Out of these three I will throw my vote to Chicago.

LA's skyline does not deserve to be a contender in the top 30, let alone the top three.

NYC's skyline is amazing based solely on its sheer massive size. If you are using quantity as your basis, NYC will win everytime. That said, the skyline in itself is not all that dramatic or interesting. Plus there are relatively few standout buidlings for its size. I have always been overwhelmed by the size of NYC's skyline, but underwhelmed by the quality of it.

Therefore Chicago gets my vote as it is the perfect balance of quality and quantity (although Vancouver, Pittsburgh and San Fransisco remain my 3 favorite N.American skylines because their dramatic skylines are matched by their dramatic natural locations)

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I would have to agree with Chicago. I like the diversity of buildings it has. It's more cohesive. New York is handicapped without the three WTC buildings that stood out for the area; no epicenter to put the rest of it in context, but the freedom tower should amend to that. I do quite like the Empire State Building/Metlife/Chrysler on the north end.

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LA's skyline does not deserve to be a contender in the top 30, let alone the top three.

Yeah, I'm not sure why LA is even on here. Cities such as Houston, San Fran, etc. consistently rank above LA in skyline quality.

As for my vote, NY is where it's at!

I am a very big fan of Chicago's skyline as well.

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Do another poll in five years and replace LA with Miami. Miami has over 50 buildings over 50 stories planned, proposed, or under construction. That cities skyline will go from nice to unbelievable in a few years.  :D


Or the whole city could be under water! :o No Miami has alot going for it, im just not the biggest Fan of Res High Rises.For the most part but Miami has some nice ones that really stick out amongst the crowd.

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Chicago. NYC skyline is nice but Chicago skyscrapers just flow more. NYC is just a bunch of buildings bunched together in no order. With Chicago its if somebody had drew what he wanted the skyline to look like and placed the skyscrapers in such a way to get that look. You know what I mean?

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