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is there a site that collects


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I think in many ways this very forum is the best "blog" or forum for up to date important news stories across every news category in the region . . . remember we recently were the first pennsylvania-centric site to BREAK the story on Forbes ranking us fairly in July.


The PG, KDKA, BizTimes, etc. etc. had yet to post it, pretty impressive for an all-volunteer forum. It's my hope that soon we will have no peer on breaking multi-sourced, multi-category news from across the region.

The only other multi-sourced multi-news category site that comes close in my mind is the Pittsburgh page on about.com. It does a pretty nice job collecting some on current events, but the popups kill me. Also it is run by only one individual and no room for forums or discussions on topics :(. I know our UP forum I have always tried to shape in a type of "one stop shop" for all major articles on the region from the Pittsburgh Business Times, the City Paper, the Post-Gazette and the Trib and even a few from the Courier.

The other ones that I find useful are the Post Gazette and Trib's (and even the biz times) sites have great search engines for previous articles that I have always found helpful, but alas those are "sources" not a superlink to multiple sources.

There are sites like the pahighways and pghbridges and the media site pbrtv.org and others that are pretty good at linking any news to that particular Pittsburgh category of interest. Nothing for the overall region in every news category though, not that I've found, About.com and us come close to it though.

Hope we become that one stop site soon though ;).

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