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30Nov03: Tacoma's Museum of Glass

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Today (Sunday) was a pretty damn nice day. Thought I'd head out for a quickie

in Tacoma, the quiet red-headed sister that even regional citizens not from Tacoma

probably don't visit as much as they could/should. The place is teeming with

new-found activity and random citizens (as I discovered on the tram today)

that actually know the most up to date info on development projects going

on. I was thoroughly impressed when I gathered my 'overheard' documentation

for the day on the 3 month old Czech LRT car.

Another thread will follow later, on all that other stuff.

Anyhow, this is the Museum of Glass. Chihuly, Erickson, Tr

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Again troy your pics are awesome I love them and like furture said I never knew there was a Museum of Glass you learn something new everyday and i'm gald I learned bout it with pictures.

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