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Creative Loafing "Best of Charlotte"


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So I think one of the most awesome parts of the CL's Best of Charlotte list was the subject "Best underrated Charlotte Attraction" or soemthing to that effect. The prize went to Dee dee's hole, which one do to the fact that after a couple of more rains, it will become a wonderful lake!

I have created this post to discuss the pros and cons of the winners to the Creative Loafing's list...

I think one of my favorite articles had to do with how the editors thoought the genral populastion would respond to outback's prices. It is rediculous and dousent currently reprisent the actual population of servers.

Treat others how you would be like to be treated. Never forget the pat. It adds power to those in the future.

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The Rhino probably made a bigger splash this week, with it's "outing" of the white supremecist.

Yes, I read the Rhino too. :) Even with all their ranting about the cost of Light Rail, I think CMS deserves all the attention they get.

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