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Movies, and TV in Atlanta

GA native_CFT

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From my Atlanta City Profile thread (there are klinks to Wikipedia articles in some, to):

TV Shows Filmed/Based in Atlanta:

--Designing Women




--Futurama (an episode where the crew explores the "Lost City of Atlanta" in an Atlantis parody)

Movies Filmed/Based in Atlanta:

--Beauty Shop

--Drivng Miss Daisy


--Gone With the Wind

--Love Crimes

--The Slugger's Wife

--Tyler Perry's Diary of a Mad Black Woman

And, a little bonus:

Books Set in Atlanta

--The Answer Man by Roy Johansen

--Down on Ponce by Fred Willard

--Every Crooked Nanny by Kathy Hogan Trocheck

--Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

--Gumshoe Gorilla by Keith Hartman

--Hand-me-down Heartache by Tajuana Butler

--The Kidnapping of Aaron Greene by Terry Kay

--A Man in Full by Tom Wolfe

--Money for good by Franklin White

--Neuromancer by William Gibson

--On Ice by David Ramus

--Peachtree Road and Downtown by Anne Rivers Siddons

--Replay by Ken Grimwood

--Stay: a novel by Nicola Griffith

--Sacrificial ground by Thomas H. Cook

--Step-Ball-Change by Jeanne Ray

--The Wind Done Gone by Alice Randall

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Correct me of I'm wrong, but wasn't "Gone With the Wind" in Atlanta?


Yep, but it was only set there. It was filmed in Hollywood.

Trivia I learned from a stuntman who knew one of Gone With the Wind's stuntmen:

--When Rhett is carrying Scarlett through the burning of Atlanta, Scarlett is actually played by a male stuntman in that scene!

--The cost of creating an Atlanta set to burn was too expense, so they just set the New York set from King Kong on fire and had Rhett carry Scarlett through that.

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