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The "new" JEDC incentives policy


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Incentives offerred to VA millwork company

I realize there are two sides to every argument, and Littlepage is only giving one, but I would sure like to read the argument "for" this incentives request. My guess is this is indeed a fine example of mindless taxpayer giveaways. Peyton has been promising a "new direction" with incentives. I see no difference myself, except that worthwhile downtown projects like the Barnett don't get funded. That and the fact that "reorganizing the JEDC" has taken an extraordinarily long amount of time.

I remember when Wet n' Wild wanted to build a Jax location and wanted $1mm in incentives. They were turned down supposedly because the owner of Adventure Landing opposed it. Personally I thought it was worth it, because it would add a much needed leisure destination. Jax will never be another Orlando, not should it try to be, but it could use more diversions for the locals and the visitors that do come.

If incentives were denied in that case, they should be in this one as well. Although I have a problem with letting one or a small group of local business owner decide such issues.

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Looks like the council grew a backbone. Kudos to Littlepage.

In a separate matter, the council voted unanimously to withdraw a bill proposing $587,600 in city and state tax rebates for Annandale Millwork and Allied Systems, a Virginia company that wants to open a West Jacksonville facility to build millwork and roof trusses that would employ 52.

Council members -- including President Kevin Hyde, who asked for the withdrawal -- said they could not support giving money to a company that would compete with dozens of other millwork companies already in Jacksonville. The giveaway had been approved by the Jacksonville Economic Development Commission, the city's economic development arm.

"I am insulted with this kind of thing and I hope this message gets to the JEDC," Councilwoman Gwen Yates said.

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