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Haifa Tower


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Hello/Shalom :)

I'm new to Urban Planet.

Can anyone in Israel be of help.

I was in Haifa last year and they had, what I consider to be the nicest looking tower in Israel. I'm not sure what it's called or any other information, unfortunatly. Maybe someone could help with more information and/or photos.

Let me discribe it for you. It was near the port and was by far the tallest building around. What I remember most was one glass wall of the tower looked like it was being blown out, as if it were a sail on an old wooden ship. I think our Madrija said it housed government offices.

I'd say that tower and the SwisRe tower in London are my most favorite towers.

If you have any info on Haifa tower please let us know.

Many thanks/Toda


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Thanks PrimaVera for the lovely photos.

Toda Rada

Do you know anything about the Sail Tower, for example how tall it is or who designed it?



Here are some photos from a diffrent angle (from the nearby railyard):




The Sail Tower was designed by Aberaham Koriel and Dina Amar. It is 137 meters high (roughly 450 feet) and has 29 stories. The tower is considerd as one of the world's most prominent examples of futuristic architecture.

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