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TND in New Hempfield


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As much as I often make fun of it, I like TND's. However, I think it is rediculous to put one in such a rural area. The idea of New Urbanism is to reduce sprawl, but isn't this just compact sprawl.

Also, it doesn't look like this will also be a development around mass transit, like a train to Pittsburgh. So as "walkable" as they claim it will be, there will still be commuters traveling further out into the suburbs.

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Having lived in Greensburg for a number of years (Hempfield township is basically "greater Greensburg" surrounding the outlying developments on all four sides of the city), many have insisted that they are NOT Pittsburgh, that heck "Pittsburgh is in a whole 'nother county and all" !?! It's attitudes like these that keep us fractured, they are technically right but they miss the point that Greensburg is not "seperate" from the metro area. So if you asked a lot of the area residents they might tell you (mistakenly) that Greensburg and "Route 30" is just a good hike down the road--why would anyone go all the way to "Pittsburgh". :P

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