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How long have you lived in the TRIANGLE?


How long have you been a Triangle Resident?  

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  1. 1. How long have you been a Triangle Resident?

    • Your whole life
    • 25+ years
    • 18-24 years
    • 13-17 years
    • 9-12 years
    • 6-8 years
    • 3-5 years
    • 1-2 years
    • less than 1 year
    • Thinking about moving here

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For Residents of the Triangle, and maybe a few thinking about relocating. Maybe you were raised here and decided to stay. Or maybe College brung you here and the job climate and way of left kept you here. What's your story?

I was born in Fayetteville, NC in '83. But to escape the lack of jobs unless your employed by the military my family moved here in 1991 and I've been in the area ever since. Have lived in Clayton, Raleigh and now that I've finished college I think I want to buy a home or townhome to be exact on the North Raleigh/Wake Forest area. Great job climate and the way the area is growing is exciting. Basically, 14 yrs. :D

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-1981 born in Durham

-1981-1985 lived in Durham

-1985-1986 lived in Greenville, NC

-1986-1995 lived in Durham again

-1995-1999 lived in Hillsborough, NC

-1999-2002 lived in Wilmington, NC

-2002-2003 lived in Orange, MA (and Athol, MA briefly)

-2003-present living in Cary, NC

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1976 Born in Salisbury, NC

1979 Moved to Harrisburg area of NC (between Charlotte and Concord)

1986 Moved to Northern Virginia

1989 Moved to Cary, NC

1997 Moved to Raleigh, then back to Cary, then to Raleigh, etc. over the next couple years

2002 Moved to Charlotte, NC

2004 Moved to Cary, NC

Heh... I've been in the Triangle the longest I suppose, though I have moved around a bit within.

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Born in High Point, moved to Raleigh when I started as a freshman at NCSU. Married a Raleigh girl and have been in the Triangle ever since. We've lived in Raleigh (several ITB apartments), Wake Forest, Chapel Hill (for grad school/law school), Durham and now Hillsborough.

Have had plenty of opportunity to move, but like it too much to leave.

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Born Lynchburg Va. 1962

Moved to Raleigh 1966

Moved to North Raleigh 1967 (My Dad still lives there in Eastgate subdivision)

I grew up in North Raleigh as it was evolving. Seems like half the kids in class when I was growing up were from New York (relocated IBMers) Raleigh was a cool place to grow up!

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Born in Charlotte in 1980.

Lived briefly in Wilkesboro, Greensboro, and a different location in Charlotte in late '82-early '83.

Lived in Greensboro from June '83 to when I left for college in August '98.

Came to Raleigh to attend school at NCSU in fall '98. Went back to Greensboro for summer '99, but I've been a permanent Raleigh resident since then. After graduation in May '02, I've worked at the university doing computer support. No plans to leave anytime soon...

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Born in Pinehurst in 1962, but lived in Carthage

Move to Raleigh in 1971--inside the beltline

Went to School in Greenville-1980

Then went to school in Charleston (Great downtown living)

Moved back to Raleigh in 1987

Lived in 5-points area of Raleigh for 8 years

Lived just outside Beltline near North Raleigh Hilton since 1998

Would love to live downtown, but have 11 years left on mortgage and want to retire at 56 in 13 years

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Born in Raleigh (lived in south Raleigh 4 years)

Moved to north Raleigh for 5 years.

Moved to Carrboro, lived there for 3 years

Moved to another part of Carrboro, lived there for 6-ish years.

Now attending NCSU...

Always been in the Triangle.

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