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city upgrade ideas


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im wondering what long-range infrastructure improvements people think would propel these cities to a greater status in the next 10-25 years. it could be more offcie toers, more business of a certain type, airport improvements, etc...anythign you can think of. please offer suggestions for your city and any others you might happen to have input on.

im thinking along the lines of burlington, portland and manchester, even though nashua is larger than portland and burlington, im leaving it out since it is so close to mass...but if you have serious suggestions for it too, or portsmouth, concord lewiston, bangor, etc...these are also welcome.

my personal thoughts are that portland and south portland should become a merged municipal unit, and develop the maine mall area more. and downtown portland should build a major aquarium like that in boston to capitalize on its tourist industry and oceanic image.

manchester has already hit the nail on the head with jetport expansion

burlington i have no suggestions for...so im interested to hear other people's...

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Well as for Manchester, I see it on the right track already. It would be nice to see it get a little bit more of a skyline. Usually cities are identified by their skylines, so a few more tall buildings and Manchester may become better known. If Manchester gets its name out to more people I'm sure it will become a much larger and bigger destination.

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I think Burlington needs more residential towers in the city. I think they could be a huge success if they're located close to Church Street. They also need to focus more on transit, because the bus just doesn't reach enough places.


transit. good idea. but rather than making sure the bus reaches more places, i think you were on the right track with the towers...build more closer to the city and people wont have to worry about how many places the bus reaches because everything will be more dense.

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