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I'm thinking I might do some sort of neighborhood tour of the city this month. This is part 1 of ? parts. It is mostly from the Farmer's Market parking garage. I saw a picture from up here in a post a few days ago and had to see it for myself.

Picture yourself atop a parking garage where this red dot is.


Look, another parking garage!


Portland High


Munjoy Hill








Soup Kitchen


Park Avenue




They are a bunch of plans for condos and stuff in this old industrial area


This is the elevated walkway to the Indoors Farmer's Market. Portland has 3 elevated walkways.


This is part of the public market on a sleepy sunday afternoon




The people look like ants from this high up!!!:)










Someday I'll get more pictures from my favorite parking garage in the Old Port...




Thanks for stopping by. Any comments are appreciated.

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Corey! outstanding! unbelievable! that is one of the best portland posts i have ever seen. you have a real talent for taking urban pictures. and that panorama is not crappy in my opinion....it is phenomenal.....if you save it and open it on your desktop in windows picture viewer (for everyone else) than it is much more easy to view in its entirety.

you impress me corey.

i am going to try and take some pics of portlands under-emphasized and overlooked high rises....those two on the east end and then the usm high rise (which isnt a high rise but is still an impressive building).

below is a post of a video clip of mine driving underneath the elevated walkway you show in your pix....i love that thing. good shots of the back bay tower too, i might add. joe cohen the developer of waterview (the tower planned for next to back bay) said he wants to build 300 more condos across the street from waterview in the future. that would be three times as many units as waterview (which is 12 stories as proposed) so im wondering where the heck he would put all of these cause there are absolutely NO vacant lots across the street from the site. he would have to tear some buildings down and then build at least 36 stories tall if he kept it all on the same acreage as waterview (100 condos at 12 stories multiplied by 3 to get 300 units at 36 stories)....anyone know anymore about this???

hey thanks again corey, this is an awesome post.

walkway video

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(100 condos at 12 stories multiplied by 3 to get 300 units at 36 stories)


We have a 35 story, 130 unit tower about to breakground in Providence (see my avatar), so a 300 unit tower could be considerably taller, but I wouldn't hold my breath for that in Portland. :lol:

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Corey, your pics look great! In 2002 I took pics from the same place...but yours are a lot better! I see that they are working on the 200ft. Cathedral of Immaculate Conception. Between 2000 and 2002 I went to the Sonesta, Civic Center, Portland Market and City Center parking garages to get pics for Skyscrapers.com. The parking garages in Portland have some great views and no hassle involved in getting them. Ever think about becoming a photographer for skycom? They need a lot of Portland pics! Being here in NNY I can't get to Maine too much......and you mentioned doing a photo tour...here's an idea...construction progress in town maybe?? There's a lot going on!!!!

Pvenne, got some pics for ya!

Portland House:


Deering Pavilion:


Forgot the name, on Munjoy hill:


Back Bay under construction:


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great photos as usual shazbat....i just took some really big pictures of the east end high rise and of portland house today...they should be posted, but they are very very large and i apologize for that. the only program i have to resize my pics shuts down my laptop from running so much heat into the system....its an old computer.....anyways, thats a great shot of the back bay under construction...i was only 6 years old then (1990,i think). thanks again!

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the only program i have to resize my pics shuts down my laptop from running so much heat into the system...


Try Picasa from Google, it's free.

There's also some free online tools. I just Googled up this one.





It let's you resize by percent, or by pixels (be sure to select "Constrain" then you can pick either height, or width, and it will calculate the other without stretching your pic). I find 600 pixels wide is a good width for forum viewing.

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a 300 unit tower could be considerably taller, but I wouldn't hold my breath for that in Portland.  :lol:


then where would waterview's developer put 300 condos across the street from back bay towers on cumberland avenue, the street with the tallest buildings in the state in the middle of downtown....it can only go up...if not 35, then it has to be taller than nay other built=ding there now...(18 or 17 stories are the tallest currently)...

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